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Trailing summer window boxes
Summer hanging baskets
Summer hanging baskets
Summer planting for restaurant
Contemporary galvanised planters
Artificial plant displays at London bridge train Station
Cordon steel plants
Galvanised pot with Olive tree
Mixed contemporary pots
Ceramic mixed pots
Formal timber and ceramic pots
Residential window box planting
Summer window boxes
Timber versaille planters
Custom made galvanised planters for city balcony planting

White metal planters for penthouse area

Interior specimen - Sansevieria in terracotta pot


Large Eucalyptus planted into terracotta pot

Mixed planting -  large shrubs and climbers in pots

Small to medium mixed pots planted with herbs

Banana Planter


Mature Olive Tree in Black PVC Pot


Mixed Pots And Archway




Photinia Standards


Olive In Terracotta Pot

Draceaena in Black Ceramic Pot

Antique pot with stand


Planters with climbers & trellis


Stone column with metal urn, planted with fern


Large Trachycarpus Palm


Timber deck planter with Bamboos


Large stone urn with Cordyline


Buxus hedge in timber boxes


Mixed barrel planting


Large Trachycarpus Palms


Galvanised planter with Phormiums


Railway sleeper bed with grape vine and mixed planting

Photinia ball in gold ceramic pot



Mixed planting and pots


Mature Olive tree


Photinia balls in bronze pots


Mixed stone urns and planters


Mediterranean planting in raised beds


Award winning display in Henley-On-Thames


Trailing summer bedding plants with mixed evergreen grasses

Hanging Baskets & Window Boxes

Summer Window Boxes


Award winning display in Tower Hamlets


Summer Hanging Baskets

Summer boxes and baskets


Summer window boxes and pyramid Bay Trees



Winter planting with Spiral conifers


Winner of Croydon in Bloom 2007

Summer hanging baskets and window boxes in Camden

Summer window boxes


Summer shade loving hanging baskets

Summer hanging baskets

Summer hanging baskets

Doggetts – Summer trailing Geranium planting


Summer half barrels and window boxes


Tommy Hilfigger – Formal plant display

Contemporary planter displays




Artificial plant displays


Artificial Wisteria & tea ball

Artificial hanging grass ball

Artificial hanging basket

Before artificial grass

High quality artificial grass

Artificial Buxus column

Artificial Buxus window boxes

Artificial display - window boxes & grass balls


Spirals & Hanging Baskets




Sunflower display in window boxes







Christmas Trees


5ft Nordman Christmas trees fixed to wall with lights


7ft Nordman Christmas trees in half barrels with lights


5ft Nordman Christmas trees fixed to wall with lights


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